Curriculum Vitae, or Resumes

Whether you refer to this important document as a CV, a Curriculum Vitae, or a Resume, they vary in style, format and content. There are many opinions, myths and traditions to contend with.

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We Produce and Formulate CVs and Cover Letters

CVs have evolved a great deal over recent years. Having the knowledge and skills to compile your work history is one thing, but making your CV stand out from the rest and succeed in gaining an interview for your desired role is something entirely different.

Career Zone Consulting will work one-on-one with you to design and format a unique and personalised CV and Cover Letter, placing you into the best possible situation to gain your desired job.

With Career Zone Consulting your CV and Cover Letter will have maximum impact.

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Cover Letters

Cover Letters should be a promotional summary of your CV, highlighting the relevant points. It needs to be written in a manner that captures the attention and impresses your potential employer.

They need to be stimulated to read on and learn more about you, rather than cast your application aside.

Career Zone Consulting can produce a targeted Cover Letter for a selected position, or produce a Cover Letter template which you can easily tailor. Either way, you to stand out from the crowd.

Payment for services provided can be made by Eftpos or Credit Card